Child Safety

Virginia’s child passenger safety laws require all children under age 8 to be properly secured in a child safety seat or booster seat, regardless of weight or height

Follow basic safety practices:

  • Make sure every occupant in the car is properly restrained by a safety device – whether in a child safety seat or booster seat, or by a seat belt. Do not share seat belts.
  • Never hold a child on your lap or allow anyone to ride in the cargo area of a station wagon, van or pickup.
  • Set a good example by buckling up on every ride. Children are more likely to become lifelong seat belt users when their parents are lifelong seat belt users.

Boost 'em in the Back Seat and Avoid Regret.

Even at slow speeds, crash forces can be equivalent to falling out of a third story window. Make sure your child is properly secured for his or her height and weight

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